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  1. Life and death in Aleppo
    The full story behind the victims of a deadly tank attack on the front lines of Aleppo, Syria.
  2. One doctor's story
    Doctor Osman al-Haj describes the struggle for life in an Aleppo Hospital.
  3. The battle for Aleppo
    Young rebels are disillusioned by corruption, disunity and a deadly standoff in Syria's largest city.
  4. Syria's extremist female rebels
    15 women take up arms on Syria's frontline in the city of Aleppo, to fight for an Islamic State.
  5. Scud missile survivors speak
    New evidence collected by GlobalPost and HRW suggests the Syrian government is using powerful missiles on civilians in rebel-held territory.
  6. Exiled from the revolution
    It wasn't supposed to be a war. It was supposed to be a revolution: The Syrian conflict through the eyes of 3 friends of different allegiances who refuse to let the war tear them apart.
  7. The battle for Idlib
    From planning and scouting attack positions to the execution of the battle - an exclusive look at the fight to take control of the city of Idlib.
  8. Ariha: City under siege
    Ariha, with it's strategic position, has changed hands between government and rebel forces numerous times since the beginning of the revolution. Now government tanks and snipers attack the rebel controlled town daily.
  9. Syria's ruined cities
    Six months ago the city of Maarat al-Nu'man was still functioning. Today it's rubble. It's a process that has played out over and over across Syria.
  10. Surviving Aleppo
    Against all odds, a toddler survives a bomb attack that killed his entire family in Aleppo, Syria. Many more have not not been so lucky.
  11. On the front line with the FSA
    This exclusive report follows a Free Syrian Army rebel unit from base to battle, while one rebel fighter delivers a classic rendition of the Backstreet Boys hit, "Show me the meaning of being lonely."
  1. Surviving Execution
    In village after village in Iraq, the Islamic State executed scores of Yazidi men. A few lived to tell about it. This is their story.
  2. On the front line against IS
    As the world cobbles together a coalition of the willing to fight the Islamic State, an unlikely alliance of front-line forces is holding back the violent extremists.
  3. Gods and guns
    Christians arm-up in Iraq. A Christian community in the city of Qaraqosh has built it's own army against the sectarian violence sweeping Iraq.
  4. Can Iraq's Christians survive?
    "For the first Sunday in 1,600 years, there was no mass in Nineveh." Despite their rich and distinguished history, could the Islamic State be the end for Iraq's Christians?
  5. The flight of the Yazidi
    The Islamic State killed hundreds and kidnapped thousands when it overran their villages in northern Iraq. This is the story of those who got away.
  6. They survived IS, can they survive winter?
    Eleven-year-old Banaz fled her home after Islamic State fighters killed her father. Now she lives in a make-shift camp at the most holy temple of Lalish. But winter is coming.
  7. Withdrawal symptoms
    As the US continues to draw down its troops in Iraq, leaders in the dangerous city of Kirkuk debate whether a full withdrawal would lead to more violence - or less.
  8. Suicide bombs shake Kirkuk
    Three coordinated car and suicide bombs targeted Kiruk's Kurdish security headquarters killing 9 people and injuring 104 others. Most were civilians.
  9. Inside Kirkuk's gun markets
    As ISIS advanced toward Kirkuk, the Iraqi Army fled leaving behind a stockpile of weapons. Gun traders have moved in and the Kurds are stocking up.
  10. The magic marshlands of Iraq
    Once drained and devastated under Saddam's regime, Iraqi's stunning marshlands are making a comeback with the help of locals and conservationists.
  11. Saving an ancient technique
    The Mudhief reed house holds a sacred place in the Iraqi marshlands. But these ancient construction skills, now known by only a few ageing craftsmen, are slowly fading with time.
  1. One rebel's story
    Majid Fituri tells his story of the battle for Misratah and the aftermath of Libya's revolution. Sadly, after this video was completed, Majid Fituri died in Libya in 2014.
  2. Finding Gaddafi
    The men who found Gaddafi recall his final moments, minutes after the former leaders brutal death.
  3. From civilian to soldier & back
    In 2011, thousands of Libyan civilians became soldiers overnight. Now, after eight months of brutal violence, they are struggling to return to their former lives.
  4. Exclusive: Gaddafi's capture
    The raw footage of Muammar Gaddafi's capture and death that challenged the popular narrative the dictator was killed in a NATO airstrike. This footage led to a UN enquiry.
  5. Major weapons cache seized
    Rebel forces seized a major weapons cache near Sirte in a blow to pro-Gaddafi forces still holding out in the leader's hometown.
  6. Uniting Libya
    Former rebels look to the life of their fallen commander to find hope for their country's future.
  1. The new Rwanda
    2 million refugees, 7 million internally displaced - Syria's refugee crisis continues to swell. "We haven't seen something like that maybe since Rwanda."
  2. Refugee Politics in Lebanon
    They may be siblings, but when it comes to political views the Frege family couldn't be more divided between support for the FSA, the Syrian government and jihadist brigades.
  3. Chemical wars
    Senior correspondent Tracey Shelton speaks with Syrians in Lebanon about the suspected chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds, and now threatens to spark a wider war.
60 Seconds on Earth
  1. 60 seconds in Sinjar
    After the Islamic State took their homes and their families, Yazidi fighters on are the frontline in Sinjar fighting to get it back.
  2. Wheelbarrow boys of Zaatari
    In this refugee camp, kids use wheelbarrows to support their families, transporting goods in and out of the camps closed gates under the cover of night to avoid arrest.
  3. Syria's backstreet rebel
    The lighter side of one of Syria's rebel fighters.
  4. 60 seconds in Aleppo
    Rebels and government forces fight street by street in Aleppo, bantering with the opposition even as they try to kill them.
  5. Displaced by the Islamic State
    Around 4 million people are now displaced in Iraq since the Islamic State took control of a chunk of the country in June 2014. This is a quick look at one families story.
  6. The boat to Lebanon
    An estimated 1.2 million Syrians now live in Lebanon. Many have fled overland, crossing the border on foot or in cars. But each week hundreds make their way by boat.