Photographer | Writer Producer | Reporter
Journalist | Photographer | Video Producer
I grew up on a farm in Australia and graduated with an MA in journalism from the UK. I have been working as a foreign correspondent for 12 years, covering the Middle East and South East Asia. I work with both written and visual media and specialize in multimedia presentations and short-form documentaries. My reports cover breaking news, investigative reporting and in-depth features.

I use an immersive style of reporting which is quite different to most. I often spend weeks, months or longer living with local people and experiencing to the extent possible what life is like for them. I mostly work alone on a project from start to finish — shooting, writing, reporting, producing and editing. I find the stories I believe need to be told and spend the time I need to understand them.

Some of my most notable work includes exclusive reporting on Gaddafi’s capture and death in Libya, 2011 which led to the opening of a UN enquiry, and coverage from Aleppo, Syria in 2012/13 that frequently trended on social media raising global awareness.​ My work has won 17 international journalism awards including a George Polk, a Peabody, and a POYi award for multimedia. I was also nominated for International Journalist of the Year and International Multimedia Journalist of the Year in 2014 and 2015.