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"Tracey is a true believer in the idea of ‘ground truth,’ the simple belief that the best reporting comes from being there on the ground. She is courageous, caring, curious and cautious in just the right mix of those traits ...

Watching her video pieces or reading her written dispatches from here you might not know how much hard work and craft goes into them. Tracey completely immerses herself in the story, living with refugees or spending days with a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter unit so that she can really get to know the story and the people involved ... Of course, she also has that hearty accent from her native Australia and a warm smile, but most of all she is a hard worker. And it is the hard work that shines through working alongside her here in the field. Truly an honor to see her in action," Charles Sennott: Founder/Director, The Ground Truth Project

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Toppling Gaddafi: The Revolution through Libyan Eyes

Released October 20, 2012 - the 1st anniversary of the end of the Libyan uprising.
From the frontlines to the hospitals and support centres of Libya's uprising, this book tells the stories of the people who fought, suffered and toppled a dictator. It tells the heart-rending, and often inspiring, accounts of nine revolutionaries, as told in their own words, images and artwork. This book came from more than a year of living and working with the Libyan people. It was inspired by their courage, solidarity and sacrifice.
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We Can Be…

Released at the Sydney Opera House Oct 10, 2009.
This publication was written, photographed and designed for the children of Sunrise Cambodia. It explores through pictures their daily lives, activities and ambitions.

Dance to the Light

Released at the Sydney Opera House Oct 10, 2009.
Photography of classic Khmer dancing in the traditional settings of the Cambodian countryside.


Dance to the Light

Foreign Correspondents Club, Cambodia

January 2010

This two-part exhibition showcased my photojournalism work in Cambodia and a photo series of classic Khmer dancing in the traditional settings of the Cambodian countryside.

All proceeds were donated to the Sunrise Cambodia.

Colours of Resilience

AusstellungsHalle, ​Frankfurt, Germany

June 2014

In conjunction with AptArt and renowned street artists Herakut, the purpose of this exhibition was to bring to light not only the suffering of the Syrian people but their inspiring resilience in the face of devastation. The exhibit included video, quotes and photography from my work in Syria, artwork from Syrian children living in refugee camps and graffiti art by Herakut, inspired by the children we worked with on AptART projects in Jordan and my stories from inside Syria. Events during the two-week exhibition included talks and presentations by myself, Herakut, AptART and the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt.

Eden in Iraq

National Design Centre, Singapore

October 2017

This interdisciplinary exhibition of environmental art, design and engineering featured images and video projects of my work in the mountains and marshlands of Iraq.

The Garden of Eden

Vienna Palais Deutschmeister, Vienna

January 2018

A joint project between OFID and the Iraqi embassy in Austria. The exhibition included a photo gallery of my work from Iraq and documentary about the Iraqi marshlands.


Toastmasters International: First place - Humorous speech contest, Division and District levels. AUSTRALIA


The Walkley Awards: Finalist – Humanitarian Storytelling Award A Decade Lost. SYRIA

Kennedy Awards: Finalist – Outstanding Feature Writing A Decade Lost. SYRIA


IPA International Photography Awards: Honourable mention/Nature Tree Graveyard. NEW ZEALAND


International Society for the Study of Trauma: Media Award for broadcast news and articles on complex trauma and incestuous child abuse. AUSTRALIA


MIFA Moscow International Photo Awards: Science photo series Creating Art from the Elements. SWEDEN

Prix De La Photographic Paris: Gold medal/War reporting. SYRIA


Edward R Murrow Award: Audio news documentary War Reporting: A Love Story. MIDDLE EAST

TIFA Tokyo International Photo Awards: Gold medal/Documentary The Wheelbarrow boys of Zaatari. JORDAN

TIFA Tokyo International Photo Awards: Silver medal/Editorial photo series Life and Death in 7 frames. SYRIA


International Moving Images Photographer of the Year: The Lucie Awards/Finalist - Surviving Execution. IRAQ

IPA International Photography Awards: Second Place/Documentary for Surviving Execution and Honourable Mention/Conflict Photography for Fighting back in Sinjar. IRAQ

MIFA Moscow International Photo Awards: Photo series titled Faces of War in the category editorial/conflict. SYRIA


International Journalist of the Year Finalist: One World Media - Articles and video news from Iraq and Lebanon covering developments involving the Islamic State and other regional political and military groups. MIDDLE EAST

IPA International Photography Awards: Photo series titled As Syria bleeds in the category war/conflict. SYRIA

The Webby Awards: Experimental online film or video series for 60 Seconds on Earth.​ LEBANON, SYRIA


GEORGE POLK Award: Video news reporting for the series INSIDE SYRIA, detailing the tragedy of life in a civil war. The award was presented by Carl Bernstein who commended my work for "communicating the human tragedy of the conflict in Syria in a way that is impossible to ignore or forget". SYRIA

POYi Pictures of the Year International: Award of Excellence/Multimedia for One Hospital's Story, a tribute to the inspiring medical team of Dar al Sheifa Hospital, Aleppo. SYRIA

Vice Chancellor's Award, Student's prize and Governor's Prize: All three awards were received for the highest academic results at Bolton University.


OPC Overseas Press Club Award: Best coverage of a breaking news event, awarded to Global Post for my coverage of Gaddafi's capture and the fall of Sirte to revolutionary forces in LIBYA.

Edward R Murrow Award: Excellence in journalism for GlobalPost's On Location video news series. LIBYA


PEABODY Award: Video news coverage for GlobalPost's On Location. SYRIA


IFRA World Association of Newspapers: Cross media award. As photo editor of the Phnom Penh Post, my photography/video team received this award for coverage of an influenza epidemic in Siem Reap. CAMBODIA


SOPA Society of Publishers in Asia award: Excellence in News Photography for coverage of violent land evictions in Phnom Penh’s Boung Kok district. CAMBODIA


A woman in a gray dress holding a plaque
A woman in a gray dress holding a plaque

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