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Volunteer to Country Director

Back in the late 90's fresh out of high school, I arrived at Sunrise as a young naive volunteer, eager to save the world. I quickly leant how arrogant the belief that I could just show up with barely an education and have an impact on these kids lives had been. But the impact they had on my life was profound.

Sunrise never quite managed to get rid of me. I soon moved back to Cambodia and began my journalism career, spending every weekend with the kids. After moving to the Middle East, I spent every holiday back at Sunrise and with the older ones as they graduated and began their new lives. It has been my extreme privilege to see them grow up and remain a part of their lives. They became my best friends, my family.

On October 1, 2023, I gave up my journalism career to become Country Director of Sunrise Cambodia. I never thought I could love anything as much as I love reporting, but I can honesty say I have never been happier.

Thank you Sunrise and thank you Geraldine Cox for trusting me to carry on your legacy after 30 years of hard work, sacrifice, dedication and love.

About Sunrise Cambodia

Sunrise Cambodia was founded by Geraldine Cox in 1993 as a home and residential care for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children. It now functions as both a residential school and an education centre for hundreds of children living in poor communities. Our residential children often come to us after having often been trafficked into slave labour or begging rings, abandoned by their families in hospitals or on the streets, or rescued from all forms of domestic abuse. They often arrive in great need emotionally and physically. At Sunrise, we not only fill all their needs and provide an advanced education program including sport, languages, art, music and life skills, but we also give them a home and, most importantly, love.

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